About Pastor Abraham Emmanuel & Vasanthi Emmanuel

Pastor Emmanuel is a gifted communicator offering unique, creative and heartfelt teaching to both youths and young at heart. He is the senior Pastor at Nazarene Mission’s Colombo branch, one of the steadfast churches in Colombo.

Pastor Emmanuel and his wife, Vasanthi, founded Nazarene Mission in the year of 1993 after leaving the mission he was heading to form a ministry of his own. Since the emergence of Nazarene Mission he has started ministries in the rural areas of Sri Lanka where life is at its poorest levels.

Having lived his childhood in the hill country to a family of seven siblings who struggled to bring food to the table at times has spurred a desire and longing within him to take the gospel to the disadvantaged of the Island. With this mission on sight he has helped many Pastors to build small ministries in various parts of Sri Lanka.

In June 2009 Pastor Emmanuel underwent a bypass surgery and as a result had a heart attack within three months of the surgery but he survived this attack miraculously to live as testament of Gods promises to us.

The Emmanuel’s have been married since 1981 and have four children Ashly, Enouch, Naomi and Salome.